Sunday, February 7, 2010


It is SO SIMPLE you will not believe you have just helped the cause.

Just visit the following link:
and vote "YES". If you do not have a sign-in or log-in with, please do so! It only takes a few seconds, and this will be a chance for you to have your voice heard!

Our Executive Director, Everett Swift, has made a sensible posting on this user-voting site, and it has been getting a lot of fanfare. As of this writing we need only 44 more votes before this becomes a "Top Idea" from the American Public, and becomes submitted to Congress and President Obama.

Thank you for being involved.


Paul Pearson, Communications Director, MIHEMP/
Sunday, February 7, 2010 | 4:19pm

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pot smokers have it right

I hear it all of the time, “the hemp debate is supported heavily by dope smokers,” or something along those lines. To me it is one of the most stupid arguments a person can use; it illustrates ignorance and how closed-minded the person is.

The reason I find it ignorant and closed-minded is because the people who say it are the people who have never taken the time to learn this issue, and are in most cases marijuana prohibitionists who lump pot and Industrial Hemp into the same category.

Not all Industrial Hemp advocates are “dope smokers” but I will have to admit a large number are, and there is a good reason for this.

The dope smokers, potheads, stoners, or whatever you want to call them, have an open mind and have taken the time to educate themselves. They have an interest in all things Cannabis related, and are always looking to learn more about it: how to grow it, what strands are most potent, what strands to avoid; you name it, they are very passionate about their favorite herb.

While on the other hand prohibitionists are a very closed-minded group of people. They refuse to educate themselves on any aspect of the Cannabis plant and what Industrial Hemp really is. They don’t want to know the facts because then they would have to find out they agree with the pot smokers and no way in hell are they going to admit that! So instead of educating themselves about the non-drug aspects of the Cannabis plant, they continue to rely on ignorance to make up their mind on the subject.

There is a growing list of people who are not in either category, and those are the people who rely on common sense and education to guide them. They don’t judge an idea or issue on who is promoting it but rather they take time to learn and educate themselves on the facts. And that’s the way it should be.

So wake up prohibitionists, when it comes to Industrial Hemp the pot smokers have it right, they have common sense and education on their side, what do you have?

How about you take time to educate yourself on Industrial Hemp with an open mind?
The truth should not be discounted regardless of who is telling it.

Look at the facts from both sides, then make up your mind.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two long reads, but worth it.

Want to do Research on Industrial Hemp? We at MIHEMP are often asked what independent research do we have on IH? Well, here are 2 awesome links to PDFs you can download and read at will. If you have any questions, contact us at; Everett Swift, Executive Director at; or Paul Pearson, Director of Communication at or 31.622.3429.

This is valuable information. Share it. Post it. Learn it.

#1) Here is the most comprehensive document that is available on Industrial Hemp and the market for it now. This is what they are doing in Canada and what we should be doing right now.

National Industrial Hemp Strategy – Canada
Prepared for: Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiative
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Contract Number: ARDI III B-27
March 30th, 2008
358 pages
(PDF file 6.5MB)

#2) Reason Magazine, which is an online and printed presence, is the voice of Libertarian policies and politics. Neither Democratic or Liberal, but taking the best of both, this publication puts proper skeptical inquiry into social issues. Reason Mag. may not make you agree, but it will make you think.

Remember: Ecology, Economy, Environment. Hemp.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Montmorency County Tribune, Feb 3rd 2010

Daryl Peterson is appointed to County Board of Commissioners
- by Yvonne Swager

Daryl Peterson has been appointed as county commissioner of District III. Three people expressed interest in the board seat and were interviewed at the regular county board meeting Jan. 27.

Peterson said he had been serving the public for 40 years. He said he was familiar with the headaches that accompany public service, and he was ready for a few more.

Everett Swift said he would represent the people as if elected if he were appointed as commissioner. He said he thought the short-term appointment would help him determine if he would like to run for the position in the future.

Arthur Hunt said he was interested in serving as a commissioner so he can help solve some of the county’s problems. He said more consideration should be given to utilizing technology for increased productivity.

A motion to nominate Peterson passed. Board members indicated Peterson’s lengthy resume of public service and accounting skills was a primary factor in his appointment as commissioner.

Swift not only addressed the board regarding his interest in serving the county, but he once again appealed to the board to pass a resolution in favor of allowing the growth of industrial hemp in Montmorency County.

Although there is no ordinance in the county prohibiting growth of the plant, farmers need the support of local governments in order to apply to the state for a permit. It was the third time appealing to the board for support.

Swift said the Declaration of Independence provides that all men are created equal. Since some farmers in other states have obtained permits, he said rights of those here are being violated.

"Why is it that the Declaration of Independence does not apply to us?" Swift asked.

According to Swift, Terrie Case, county attorney, has incorrectly determined the growth of hemp is illegal. Case said she spent a number of hours researching the issue in all the times Swift has approached the board regarding permission to grow hemp.

Case said the Drug Enforcement Agency issued an opinion in 2003 that indicated hemp is a controlled substance.

"I have to follow the DEA rules," Case said.

Instead of voting on Swift’s resolution, the board approved a letter to be provided to the state that acknowledges federal interpretation and states "…there is no ordinance in Montmorency County which would prohibit this agricultural endeavor should it be removed from the Schedule 1 controlled substance list."

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where are the Farmers and Environmentalists ?

I can’t understand why Michigan farmers are not jumping up and down mad over the fact we import $ 360 million worth of a crop they can easily grow and keep that money in OUR economy. I know in the big scheme of things, $ 360 million is not a lot but to me it is and I want my part of the pie.

Besides, the hemp industry is growing bigger each year and is not showing any signs of letting up. In Canada, Manitoba Harvest (, who exports hemp foods beyond North America, sales have skyrocketed more than 500% over the past year.

I am always being asked by politicians how the Michigan Farm Bureau feels about hemp. The last contact I had with them a week ago was that they “have no position on the Industrial Hemp issue.”

Damn, where have I heard that before, could it have been a Township, County Government, or State legislator? As I think back, yes; from all of the above.

So, to you farmers out there, I have one thing to say. Wake the hell up! You are getting screwed and don’t even give a crap! There was a time when all it took was one angry farmer about something like this and pretty soon you had a mob. Are you guys turning soft, or what?

Farmers aren’t the only ones who are keeping this as a back-burner issue, though. Environmentalists and Green Energy folks should be angry as well. Industrial Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop that uses little or no pesticides and can be used in everything from biofuels to concrete, and if it is made with petroleum it can be made with hemp.

The Michigan Sierra Club as well as many other green and clean groups have pretty much all responded to me the same. “At this time we have no position on the Industrial Hemp issue.” Wow, where have I heard that before?

Just because I failed on my efforts in Montmorency County doesn’t mean I am finished. I am by no means going to give up; in fact I am just getting started. If you want to know what is going to happen now all I will say is look UP. It won’t be long.

The question is will MIHEMP be doing it alone again while the farmers, and clean/green folks sit back and watch? Or are you going to get off your ass and stand beside us and speak out? Oh I forgot, you don’t have a position on the Industrial Hemp issue.


Everett Swift
MIHEMP Executive Director

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What was not covered in last nights news story

Tuesday at a meeting which included Commissioner LaFleche, Commissioner Young, the County Attorney, Briley Township Supervisor John Zollars, and myself an agreement was made that they were not to vote on the resolution in exchange for a letter form the County Attorney that says Montmorency County has no laws that prohibit the growing of Industrial Hemp. Mr. Zollars and I worked very hard and decided that was that best outcome we were going to get.

I emailed Christina Vecchioni of 9 & 10 news to let her know that the Resolution would not be on the agenda for Wednesdays board meeting so she called Commissioner Young to do a follow up for her story. Mr. Young told her that the resolution is still on the agenda and will be voted on. She immediately emailed me and informed me of what he said.

So yesterday morning Mr. Zollars and I expected the resolution to be taken off the agenda during the additions and deletions part of the meeting.

When it did not get deleted I talked to Mr. Zollars in the break and confirmed that he and I both had the same understanding of what was supposed to take place and asked the County Administrator and the County Attorney if the resolution was going to be voted on and both said yes it was just a formality.

So I made a request to make a statement before the vote and was granted permission. Two times the subject of my request to make a statement was brought up and each time I made it clear that I wanted to say something "Before the Vote" and the board never gave any indication that they would not be voting on it.

Based on this information I choose to say what I did; I was pissed off that they were not going to honor the agreement and decided I have had enough of their crap.

As soon as I stood up both TV cameras immediately turned to me. At first I read a short statement as a resident of Montmorency County. At that point I said “now I am speaking as the Executive Director of M I Hemp.”

Here is part of what I said; I held up a MIHEMP brochure and said, “If any of you have even taken the time to open the folders I provided you would know what MIHEMP is and see my name listed. When I send out an email it goes to 1081 people as of last night.”

Then I held up a copy of the Hemp is Hot booklet and said,
  • If you contact any of the businesses or organizations in this or anyone dealing with Industrial Hemp in Canada or the United States and ask where you should do business in Michigan you may have to be referred to someone else but eventually it will lead right back to me. I work on a three strike rule and this is your third strike, the people who support this issue will go out of their way to spend money in a community or business that we see as friendly to Industrial Hemp, likewise we will go out of our way to avoid a community that we view as unfriendly to our cause.
  • I am finished with Montmorency County and have wasted enough time here, we will find another county in Michigan that will pass a resolution and the first county to do it is where we will take our business. I was under the impression that we had a deal, this was not to be voted on and I find out last night from a TV news station that you are going to vote any way. I think what you are doing is rather underhanded so go ahead, vote to kill the resolution so we can move on.
Then I sat down.

Mr. LaFleche snapped back, "Mr. Swift, I thought we had settled this yesterday.” Before I could say so did I, the County Attorney went on a rant about how in 2003 “ the DEA decided that hemp and Marijuana are the same under the law, and even though I know that it only has trace amounts of THC and you can not get high from it. I went to law school, I have to advise the Board on the law and the fact is Hemp is illegal." I wanted to ask her a question but she said “I didn’t interrupt you when you were speaking so let me finish” I said “fair enough” and let her finish her rant.

When she finished I asked her if I could ask a question and Mr. LaFleche said “No, this is finished with.

Mr. Young said, “Mr. Swift when you go to the other counties please tell them we did not vote on the resolution.” I replied “only the facts” and that was the end of it, no vote was taken. I am not quite sure why he said that.

After the meeting was over I shook everyone’s hand, smiled and told them it was noting personal, I am just doing my job. When I shook the County Attorneys hand I said, the question I was going to ask you in the meeting was would you not agree that the law allows the permits to be applied for as the DEA Rules require under the statute.

She said “I don’t know I have never looked at that law”

All I could do was walk away and shake my head.

She may have went to law school but she apparently doesn't know that when a statute or code is recited in a document or in arguments that she is supposed to look at and report the facts of that statute.

I didn't go to law school but I know that much.

I had quite a few people ask me not to give up on Montmorency County and please don't go to another county but I told them I have wasted enough time here it is time to move on.

I got a great satisfaction in the fact that Christina interviewed the County Attorney, Mr. LaFleche, and me on camera after the meeting. And when it aired I was the only one that made it on the news cast. She interviewed me for 10 minutes and I think aired less then 10 seconds of it.

But that’s still more then she gave them!

Everett Swift