Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where are the Farmers and Environmentalists ?

I can’t understand why Michigan farmers are not jumping up and down mad over the fact we import $ 360 million worth of a crop they can easily grow and keep that money in OUR economy. I know in the big scheme of things, $ 360 million is not a lot but to me it is and I want my part of the pie.

Besides, the hemp industry is growing bigger each year and is not showing any signs of letting up. In Canada, Manitoba Harvest (, who exports hemp foods beyond North America, sales have skyrocketed more than 500% over the past year.

I am always being asked by politicians how the Michigan Farm Bureau feels about hemp. The last contact I had with them a week ago was that they “have no position on the Industrial Hemp issue.”

Damn, where have I heard that before, could it have been a Township, County Government, or State legislator? As I think back, yes; from all of the above.

So, to you farmers out there, I have one thing to say. Wake the hell up! You are getting screwed and don’t even give a crap! There was a time when all it took was one angry farmer about something like this and pretty soon you had a mob. Are you guys turning soft, or what?

Farmers aren’t the only ones who are keeping this as a back-burner issue, though. Environmentalists and Green Energy folks should be angry as well. Industrial Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop that uses little or no pesticides and can be used in everything from biofuels to concrete, and if it is made with petroleum it can be made with hemp.

The Michigan Sierra Club as well as many other green and clean groups have pretty much all responded to me the same. “At this time we have no position on the Industrial Hemp issue.” Wow, where have I heard that before?

Just because I failed on my efforts in Montmorency County doesn’t mean I am finished. I am by no means going to give up; in fact I am just getting started. If you want to know what is going to happen now all I will say is look UP. It won’t be long.

The question is will MIHEMP be doing it alone again while the farmers, and clean/green folks sit back and watch? Or are you going to get off your ass and stand beside us and speak out? Oh I forgot, you don’t have a position on the Industrial Hemp issue.


Everett Swift
MIHEMP Executive Director

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