Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Announcing New MIHEMP Blog

Welcome to the Michigan Hemp Blog, the best source for the most up-to-date information on:

  • News of MIHEMP activities, events, and happenings in the state and nation regarding the reintroduction of Industrial Hemp in Michigan as an agricultural and industrial resource
  • Posts of YouTube videos on hemp as a resource, hemp education, and videolog updates
  • Information on contacting the Board, and their efforts at opening hemp to Michigan industry
  • Reasons hemp needs to be allowed as an agricultural and industrial resource
  • What you can do
  • Dates and locations of fairs, shows, showings and other events sponsored or tabled by MIHEMP, its board members or affiliate membership
This will also be a place where we can discuss:

  • Strategy
  • New information on the environmental benefits of biofuels, biocomposites, and other uses of hemp
  • How hemp and MIHEMP can be part of the solution for Michigan's stumbling economy and degrading environment
Inside, you will meet board members, community activists, our members, and be invited to be members of Michigan's largest hemp activist community!

I truly welcome you to enjoy and be part of MIHEMP, the Michigan Industrial Hemp Education and Marketing Project. We are headed by Everett Swift, our fearless Executive Director, and this blog will be monitored and edited by him and I.



Paul Pearson, Communications Director, MIHEMP/
1st Post, Wednesday, January 27, 2010 | 9:37pm

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